Our complete address is:

Via Torino, 152 – 13040 Palazzolo Vercellese (VC) – Italy

You can call us at +39.0161.818031
or you can fax us at +39.0161.821805
or if it’s convenient to you with Skype at: aqt_graziana

Our VAT number is: 02013230020

# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Santino Longo CEO +39.0161.818031   +39.0161.821805
2 Graziana Ferrari Administrative Office +39.0161.818031   +39.0161.821805
3 Luca Simoni Head Engineer +39.0161.818031    
4 Eugenio Spallarossa Maintenance Manager     +39.0161.821805
5 Massimo Canepa GAC Management +39.0161.837128   +39.0161.821805

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