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In terms of services, AQT manages different SLAs, depending on the agreement between AQT itself and the customers:

Scheduled maintenance, exchange parts delivery, on-site repair operations, remote software assistance, phone support, customer staff training, all of this will concur to obtain the minimum possible downtime of your plants.

Several factors impact on a good VRUs working condition, plant aging, seasonal weather (external temperature and humidity), incoming VOCs mix, electric power stability (thermal shock of some components), along with many others…

AQT’s available to manage H24 Service Level Agreements, worldwide, granting the highest possible reliability of your plants.

We operate on third party VRUs also, virtually any brand and technology, we repair broken units and revamp even plants being stopped for a very long time, we manage activated carbon substitution, re-integration and de-powdering.

Our unique experience in activated carbon adsorbing processes will help you in identifying the best specific pore and grain size to achieve the maximum recovered product from the VRU unit.

Contact the office to obtain more infos, our engineers and sale supporters will call you back to evaluate together the best approach and the most interesting economical solution to serve you and to satisfy your expectation.

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