AQT was born to give free spaces to engineering potential previously spent in co-operation with global companies, after many years the company decided to promote directly its own products and services all over the world, even if the biggest effort is dedicated to the storage facilities of the italian main oil companies.

AQT invested quite a lot in training and research, the structure has grown autonomous and versatile, capable to answer quickly to projecting requests and field operations, and to face any plant energency in very short time.

AQT therefore has been in business since 1998, and it’s actually the main company for VRUs maintenace and servicing in Italy.

Our customers include ENI, Esso, Shell and other minor oil companies.

The Company is still rapidly growing, and it’s structured into three divisions:

  • VRU manufacturing;
  • VRU Servicing;
  • VRU remote monitoring.

AQT takes full responsibility for each project, managing it by its own staff from the starting project to the final delivery, having the flexibility to satisfy all customers needs, and capable to observe any local directive and law.

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